Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You Know It's a Bad Day What The House Turns Against You

So, in my house I have a smoke alarm system that it wired through the house. Meaning that if one goes off, that all go off. I have one placed in a small hallway right outside the kitchen that is rather sensitive. And by sensitive I mean caramelizing any kind a meat will send the house into a frenzy. And don't even start me on what happens if I try to fry bacon.

This past weekend, however, has hit a new low. I was boiling water. It was three large pots for corn, eggs, & potatoes ... but still. My house is now completely against me cooking.

I was so confused. Everyone was confused. Where's the fire?

I'm pretty sure the neighbors have pretty much convinced themselves that they're never coming over to eat unless it's take out.

But then it got worse ...

My husband was taking a long hot shower ... and steam filled into our room.

Then the house went basaltic.

I think it's trying to tell me it doesn't like steam.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Updated: Teachers Needed at CCSD

I just wanted to job seekers know that the Clark County School District in Nevada is hiring teachers, about 100 of them. There is a particular high need for special education teachers. They even had a special on our local KNPR news today.

Here is the link for positions available: http://ccsd.net/employees/prospective/opportunities/

Here is the link to KNPR radio news report on the need for special education teachers: http://knpr.org/son/archive/detail2.cfm?SegmentID=10433

Update: 8/20/13

They are still hiring teachers as well as bus drivers and cafeteria workers.