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Why People Hate Twilight and Parents Should Worry About Their Kids Reading the Twilight Saga

Okay I feel the need to write this as part disclaimer, discussion and warning. I will admit that I do dislike the Twilight books, however, I really do like the general idea of the books. My dislike of the books is out of personal preference (I have read all of them). However, I at times, like many others hate the books.

I want to explain why and point out that a lot of the hate isn’t even about the book itself but rather the publisher and certain Twilight fans.

Most of you reading are reasonable and intelligent people who understand that fiction and personal fantasy don’t and at times shouldn’t be applied to the real world. Many of you may also be writers or reading enthusiasts and realize that not everything in fiction will be ‘good’ in a moral sense but still might be expressed it that way because it’s fiction. However, many others do not and this is where the ‘haters,’ ‘bashers,’ and ‘anti-Twilighters’ come in.

Bella forfeits her life by basically becoming a robot after Edward leaves. She cannot properly function or live with out Edward. In the books (including Midnight Sun) both Edward and Bella just shuffled through life and didn't start 'living' until they met each other and now cannot adjust to life with out each other. In fantasy many see this as ‘true love’ or ‘romantic’ but in reality this is co-dependency and not ok. Many of you readers wouldn’t stop living your life just because an ex dumped you. Yes any one would go through a period of depression but eventually move on. However, some actually think that if you do not act like Bella did in Eclipse that it wasn’t real love. This is a scary thought that people actually think that way. I know I may get people who disagree but in Eclipse Bella was trying to commit suicide. Just because she lived doesn't change the fact that dying was the point. I thought it would be obvious but I guess not. When she jumped off the cliff she wasn't trying to get a 'rush' she was trying to kill herself because Edward didn't want her.

Picture a guy that you don’t have romantic feelings for trying to force himself on you and try to manipulate you into breaking up with someone you love. Then he tells you that since you don’t love him he is going to kill himself. This in short describes Jacob. What Jacob did in the book in real life would be considered sexual assault as well as abusive both mentally and physically. It’s okay to fantasize or like Jacob. The situation can be considered or passed off as ‘he loves her.’ But most of you wouldn’t put up with an abusive guy or girl who forced you to kiss them and avidly try to destroy your relationship. However, some actually think that type of behavior is acceptable in real life.

Imagine that your boyfriend/girlfriend began to stalk you and told you that you couldn’t see your friend anymore because they think that person is safe. He/she begins to try to control who you see by going as far as sabotage. This same person also makes it a point to control other aspects of your life to the point of physical force. This is Edward. In the fictional and personal fantasy sense it is okay to like this. But would you really let a guy/girl control you like that in the real world? To follow you everywhere? Some people actually think that what Edward did is acceptable and actually wish that they could be in Bella’s shoes. In reality if Edward and Bella was a real couple they would show ALL the signs of domestic violence. Love or hate Edward you have to admit that not everything he did was right and the bottom line is that he is a fictional character. However, there are people who want a guy to treat them the way Edward treated Bella in real life or else it isn’t real love.

Many people hate Twilight because some readers actually take the book seriously and apply it to real life. Even the author stresses that Bella, Edward, & Jacob’s life and actions can’t and don’t correlate into the real world or real situations or even be realistic because they are fictional. She even states that Edward doesn’t even have human emotions or thoughts anymore. Many who love Twilight always tell haters that ‘it’s just a book!’ And you guys are a 100% right! But like I have repeatedly said some take the book seriously and that is why people hate the book so passionately.

There was even a girl in Washington who jumped off a cliff because Bella did it in the book while another woman cried and complained that her husband was nothing like Edward Cullen. Some men have complained that it has ruined their relationships because their wives want them to act abusively (because that is what it is) and aren't comfortable with it. Oh but the list goes on ... and on ...

Some twilight fans have gone as far as trying to kill people who don't like the book including shooting at them with a flare gun, beating people with a bat, and even attempting to slit someones throat in school.

From pre-teens to grown women have become so addicted to Twilight that it has caused real problems in their life.

Many try to spread hate by encouraging other online to harass those who did not like or hate the books/movie, sometimes even each other (team Edward/team Jacob), and now (I've seen this stuff happen personally) attacking Harry Potter fans. Here are some entertaining videos of people talking about these Twilight attacks.

There has been a lot of attacks ranging from small to felony worthy attacks.

Here are some real quotes form discussion forums. I won’t post where or who wrote these. Try to take away the supernatural and Twilight perspective and you’ll see how scary these posts are. Please note that these quotes are applying fiction situations to real life.

I think some people are just jealous of what Edward and Bells have!” I think these two responses to the above says it all – “Plenty of women send love letters to serial killers in prisons across the world. It speaks volumes.” “Yeah, you're right, everyone is jealous when they don't have an unbalanced, fatalistic and completely dependent relationship of their own to tear down their mental psyche. I know I am.”

I do think the concept and depth of Bella and Edward's love is real and people do find [it] and want to have that kind of relationship. Some people say Edward is a creeper but I disagree.”

People hate Twilight because they don’t know the meaning of love. The book is the exact meaning of why and what love is and trust me all the book have [real] love between Edward and Bella!”

I think every girl deserves an Edward and a Jacob. If only, hey?”

It’s not sick or abusive. Yes, Edward's actions taken out of context could be called stalker, scary, dangerous, etc. But here's the thing, Bella loves him. She likes the danger, the over-protectiveness, the volatile relationship, the over-intensity of it all. Some women like that, some things are not black and white. There are several different kinds of attractions out there and one women's abuse may be another person's romance.” (bold emphasis is mine.)

I wish that I had a guy like Edward who would love me so much that he would stalk me and worry about who my friends are.”

Nobody in their right mind would support domestic violence or sexual assault but these people are and defend it to the point it is scary. The discussion threads started innocently by someone asking why people hate Twilight. Some on this thread have actually gone through and flagged every reasonable post that describes why they don’t like book and point out the character’s faults and abusive tendencies. They post almost everyday trying to discredit people and actually quote google (I kid you not) on how Bella, Edward, and Jacob are not clingy, abusive, co-dependant, ect. Apparently psychology and dysfunction is so easy that google can give you the answer in one page. Anyone who has taken psychology classes or at least interested in it knows how absolutely ridicules that is. Several actually avidly defend Bella by saying she ‘never whines’ in the books. Really? Even google should be able to properly define whining.

Again, many realize it’s just a book. People hate the book because many crazy girls don’t understand that. This also upsets people because a publisher of books aimed at children and teens should be held to a higher standard and not let a book that contains abusive relationships in a positive light be published through them. And the haters are right. Twilight should have been published as an adult book. It seems that as long as the main character is a teenager that the book is automatic a ‘teen’ book.
But like most fans, here is a quote from a TRUE fan who is able to enjoy the book the way it was supposed to be, as fiction:

I am a HUGE fan of Twilight! [...] But this doesn't mean I am blind to the flaws in the characters or the possibilities for improvement. I can see the point in other people arguments. I also agree that Bella is not a great character. She has many flaws as being unhealthily dependable on Edward. Edward himself is kind or creepy as well. But, to me, I can avoid it because it's such a romantic story (well in my head it is). I love the fact that Bella and Edward seemed so doomed because of every little thing but the put through. I also love it because of the love they share. Those [two] people, Edward and Bella, seem and are so in love they would do anything for each other.”

And don't get me started on imprinting ...


Lets just say that Jacob imprints on baby Rennesme and claims it's not romantic, however, givers her a tribal marriage bracelet that is the same as a promise ring when she is only a few months old (physically 7 years old; she has accelerated growth). He claims to not have romantic feelings but already plans on marrying her. She is what in the real world would be considered a child bride and what Jacob is doing is considered child grooming, a form of pedophilia. There are also many fans who so see nothing wrong with this either.


Here is one pet peeve that I also have against some Twilight fans who argue with 'haters'. One claimed that you have to understand Stephine Meyer, who is Mormon and places a high value to marriage, to understand the relationships in the story. Namely Edward/Bella, Jacob/Rennesme, and Quil/Clair.
This was from one poster, so I hope to God that people don't think that the average Mormon would approve of the type of relationships in these books. Yes, they have gotten a bad rap from a few polygamous and generally just plain crazy people but every Mormon that I have known personally have been caring, intelligent, family people who wouldn't condone abusive relationships. Just to clear the air Mormons are not weird, freaks, or a scary cult.

So as a warning to parents who have kids that have read or want to read the Twilight books talk to them about domestic violence! Tell them how Jacob and Edward act in the books are NOT acceptable in real life. And here is why:

"1 in 3 teenagers report knowing a friend or peer who has been hit, punched, kicked, slapped, choked or physically hurt by their partner. (Liz Claiborne Inc. study conducted by Teenage Research Unlimited; February 2005.)

1 in 4 teenage girls who have been in relationships reveal they have been pressured to perform oral sex or engage in intercourse. (Liz Claiborne Inc. study conducted by Teenage Research Unlimited; February 2005.)

More than 1 in 4 teenage girls in a relationship (26%) report enduring repeated verbal abuse. (Liz Claiborne Inc. study conducted by Teenage Research Unlimited; February 2005.)

Nearly 80% of girls who have been physically abused in their intimate relationships continue to date their abuser. (Liz Claiborne Inc. study conducted by Teenage Research Unlimited; February 2005.)

Of the women between the ages 15-19 murdered each year, 30% are killed by their husband or boyfriend. (City of New York, Teen Relationship Abuse Fact Sheet, March 1998)

Less than 25% of teens say they have discussed dating violence with their parents. (Liz Claiborne Inc. study of teens 13-17 conducted by Applied Research and Consulting LLC, Spring 2000)

Teens report dating abuse via technology is a serious problem

* 71% of teens regard boyfriends/girlfriends spreading rumors about them on cellphones and social networking sites as a serious problem.

* 68% of teens say boyfriends/girlfriends sharing private or embarrassing pictures/videos on cell phones and computers is a serious problem.

Cell phone calls and texting at unimaginable frequency mean constant control day and night

* Nearly one in four teens in a relationship (24%) communicated with their partner via cellphone or texting HOURLY between midnight and 5:00am.

* One in three teens (30%) say they are text messaged 10, 20, 30 times an hour by a partner inquiring where they are, what they're doing, or who they're with. " ~ T.E.A.R. Teens Experiencing Abusive Relationships

Abuse is a serious problem among young girls and shouldn't be taken lightly and the publisher of the Twilight books should have known better. Since even before mass publishing, books have spread ideas and help bring about cultural change. Don't underestimate the power of the written word.

There are also many other problems with the book including bad grammar, word usage, characterizing, just plain not researching, not being consistent, ect. The list really does go on. Since I really would like to end this post on a somewhat positive note I'll share this link with you:  it really is very funny and rips at all the mistakes, oddities, and totally unrealistic moments in Twilight. If you haven't read twilight I suggest reading this instead. It is much more entertaining. (They also do funny reviews and 'sporking' on Eclipse, New Moon, 50 Shades of Grey as well as Midnight Sun.)

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