Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Check The Crime Rate In an Area Before Moving

I plan on moving next year and I thought I'd share these links with you guys.

At Trulia they let you see recent crime reports and a general color coded map showing the crime rate for a city. The link above shows Las Vegas, NV but you can change it by typing in the city and state of your choice in the top left search bar. Being that I have been to Vegas (outside the strip) more times than I can count and know many people who live there I'd say that it is fairly accurate. I also tested it to see my local area and surrounding cities and it shows a fair amount accuracy.

There are also online websites that show where registered sex offenders live in an area. For an accurate map google 'regestered sex offenders' and include the state you live in or the state you are moving too. There is also a website called that offers the same information for different states, however, I am not completely sure how accurate it is or how often it is updated but when comparing it to the official California one it had all the same information. Many of the sites have a similar system where you can look at the map an click on the color squares (or dots) to see a picture of the sex offender. The ones I have checked allow to search by general location, specific address and name.

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