Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Discount Life Subscription to Red Apple Reading (Updated 8/2/13)

I just wanted to pass this along.

MammaSource is offering a 77% off deal to a lifetime subscription to Red Apple Reading. It costs $39 for up to three kids ($10 for each child after that.) The recommended ages are 4-7. This expires five days from today (3/26/2013). Here is the link: http://deals.mamasource.com/deals/red-apple-reading?sdtv=a&sl=a&utm_campaign=4202&utm_medium=email&asid=7161584&utm_source=deal_alert

I've seen first hand that learning programs like these really boost a kids learning. My  own daughter has been using an online math program called Reflex and it has done wonders in a very short period of time.

Also try http://theteacherscafe.com/ the learning sites and games here are free (at least the ones I've clicked on) but the quality of the games aren't as good as Reflex, but hey it's free!

*Updated 8/2/13* MammaSource is offering the same deal again and expires in 5 days

I am not making any money on this, I just thought this was a good deal and wanted to pass it along.

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