Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Growing Your Own Fruit & Veg For Dummies Review

Growing Your Own Fruit and Veg for Dummies, UK EditionGrowing Your Own Fruit and Veg for Dummies, UK Edition by Geoff Stebbings
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is truly the 'go to' book and should be read from front to back by anyone new to gardening. Those with a little more experience can still use this a good reference book. It covers everything from soil preparation to recommended varieties of fruits and veggies. Those not in the UK can still use this book with a little common sense as to figuring out what doesn't apply to you.

It starts with soil preparation, dealing with pests, then the rest of the book goes into how to grow certain types of plants. It does a pretty good job describing and has a few illustrations. However, for it to be a true beginner book I think it should have added more illustrations and how to encourage beneficial insects.

The non-UK specific version of this book is "Vegetable Gardening For Dummies, 2nd edition" The table of contents is similar but doesn't start logically by starting with soil preparation as the UK version does. There are other more generalized gardening books such as Gardening All-In-One, Basic Gardening, and Organic Gardening for any non UK readers. I am in the US but read this book since oddly enough this book is easier to get a hold on then the Vegetable Gardening version.

My general recommendation for this book is a must have for new gardeners, however, those with a few years of successful gardening under their belt will not get much out of this.

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