Saturday, July 7, 2012

The War on Aphids

Remember a while back when I complained about my aphid problem? Well it's not going so well. I was wondering why are those buggers still alive! I took a closer look and noticed that they weren't even on the leaves anymore, and they are flying now. WTF?

I did some research and apparently they're root aphids. I've never had this problem but it explains a lot. I noticed that my plants had stunted growth but I just thought it was from those normal aphids. Well these guys are a little harder to get rid of but it isn't as outrageously out of control anymore but there are still lots. I swear my soil looked like New York on New Years Eve, but with aphids. And if that wasn't bad enough the ants have been farming them and I have gone from two stubborn colonies to about 10 ant hills and they all bite, hard.

I couldn't get a good enough picture (they're really small and my camera sucks) but click here for a link to pictures of what they look like.

I'll be post what works and what doesn't help get rid of root aphids in a couple weeks.

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