Saturday, February 4, 2012

52 Week Challenge: Computer Desk

My computer desk is the end of a black hole where everything gets spit out.

Stray piece of paper? Bills? Check book? Stamps? My kid's homework? Cellphone? Orange peels?

Basically anything paper ends up there. I don't why and half the time I don't even remember doing it. It's become an automatic response. There's even a broken lamp that still hasn't been thrown out and my husband's deodorant. It's actually been there for a few days. I don't think he even realizes it's there. He just bought a new one and moved on with his life.

The best way to clean this shit up is to just take everything out and up everything back where it belongs! Easy? Not so much if you don't have and organize system for paperwork. Lucky for me before we moved I got some of those box type things that holds files. So all I had to do what put things back to where it belongs.

If you can't afford a nice metal filing cabnit just head over to Staples or any similar store to pick a couple of file storage boxes along with some files. It's a whole lot cheaper! Click here to see what they look like. They work really well and can handle a lot of weight. I used to work at an accounting place and we would fill those things up and stack them right on top of each other and some times those things would get damn heavy.

Sure it's easy now but like I mention, anything paper gravitates to it like it's the messiah for paper.

The only way this is going to stay clean is to stick to the original writer's tips for the 52 Week Challenge. She said that at the end of the day go through all the places that you already organized and make sure that it's still clean and tidy.

Blog of the day: I couldn't just pick one of her posts so I'm just gunna post a link to he blog main page. She has a ton of recipes on there and she gives her opinions on them and is currently on the quest for the perfect enchiladas.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I updated my subscription widget to show properly again, so I can have new subscribers. I didn't realize it was missing!

    You should see my office... it's the black hole of our house, but not just the desk, it's my whole office. Hopefully, sometime... I can have a clean office. It's a dream of mine, anyway...