Sunday, February 19, 2012

WebMD Makes Me Think I'm A Doctor

One thing about me is that I am an overly paranoid person, really. I'm also a proud pessimist, I plan for the worst and fall short of being officially labeled as a doomsday prepper. (Too lazy to actually prepare). Have you seen that show on Nat Geo? Lots of amazing stuff on that show like did you now that my rubbing mineral oil on an egg it can help preserve it for up to 9 months. Ya, you never know when you need to know weird survival stuff like that.

Any hoo, back on subject. I should put a block on WebMD on my computer for my own safety. Using it seems to make my brain sudden think I actually got my M.D. Luckily for my self esteem I don't seem to be the only one according to many other bloggers.

A couple of weeks ago I was pretty much convinced that I had some kind of throat cancer. I started going through the stages of denile, acceptance, and planning at a rapid pace before my husband told me I was nuts and don't have cancer. Apparently he has a degree in medicine that I don't know about.

One side of my throat was completely swollen. I was constantly dehydrated from producing too much saliva and from having trouble swallowing because of the pain. Drool is not a good look for me apparently. None of the usual remedies helped even in slightest bit. Over the counter medication? Nope. Throat drops? Nope. Hot tea? Nope. Pain killers? Kinda. Gargling with salt water? Well I think that actually helped ... So .... IT MUST BE CANCER!

Sorry but I have an irrational fear of  getting cancer.

Apparently a viral infection and/or cist can have the same symptoms as throat cancer. It wasn't until it kinda popped (or de-swelled) that I figured that I was in the safety zone on it not being cancer. Maybe. So from now on I'll leave the diagnosing to the professionals. Maybe.

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