Friday, January 6, 2012

52 Week Challenge - Week 2: Small Pantry

Now I am in week two of my organize home challenge. I have a small pantry that I keep 'locked' (I'm renting so I use bungee cords so my kids can't get in). I do recommend keeping some sort of locked cabinet for strictly adult, work, or school foods. My two and five year-olds have no self-control when it comes to some things and so do many other kids their age. So I don't run out by the end of the week I keep sodas, coffee, Snapple and my daughter's juice drinks for school on lock down. I also keep all my baking items and stuff that needs to be put in containers in there as well (rice, beans, etc.). On the lower section I have all the baking stuff and the upper shelf has all the work/school stuff.

I've also set to organize my cleaning supplies cabinet that it located above it that it out of reach. I am slighty ashamed at how many empty spray bottle I had up there. So from now on I'm only buying the large gallon size cleaner so I can just reuse the spray bottles.

*Tip* I actually place all my cleaners on a highest cabinet. I know many people place the cleaners in the cabinets under the sink but I think that idea should be rethought. It makes it too easy for young kids to get into. Child safety locks can sometimes be misleading. So far my two oldest children have found a way around every single type I have bought so far. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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