Saturday, January 28, 2012

52 Week Challenge - Week 5 Chest Freezer

Ok, to keep from repeating myself too much please refer to my last 52 Week Challenge post for how to defrost a freezer.

Here I'm going to work on a chest freezer.

So as you may be asking yourself. Do I really need to defrost the darn thing? Apparently yes, according to various manuals and manufacture websites they need defrosting every one to two years. Why? It's actually an efficient issue. When it's caked up in ice inefficient and uses more energy.

During this time it would also be a good idea to remove the dust from the coils in the back. The hose attachment part of the vacuum can be used for this. MAKE SURE THE FREEZER IS UNPLUGGED FIRST. Don't want any accidents now do we?

Anyone who owns a stand alone freezer knows that it is nearly impossible to organize and keep it that way unless you're an overly detailed & organized person. Which I am obviously not. Part of what makes it such a pain is that you have to reach down deep to get what you want sometimes. Then when things get shifted around until something gets buried. Then your left with that odd question of "Exactly how long has that been in there? I don't even remember buying it."

Many of the newer ones come with baskets but your still left with the task of removing the top ones then bending over the edge because what you really want is always on the bottom.

Another option that's all over the Internet forums is using bags. Here's one that has some good ideas. Some say thick trash bags work good and others recommend those recyclable shopping bags. With this system you can easily lift out the bag without having to needlessly submerge yourself into the freezer to get what you want.

Another pretty good idea what to rotate what you have in there. Its easy, just put all the stuff that was on the bottom on top.

Some claim keeping an inventory works for them. I don't think this is something that would personally work for me but it might for you.

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